What kind of headache do i have?

Answer Definetely a tension headache. You can visit your general doctor and they can treat you for migrains. They had to do that for me because I have a lot of tension headaches. There are many medicines ... Read More »

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What kind of headache is this?

You already know--it's sinusitis caused by your allergies. Try a sterile saline irrigation rinse using distilled water delivered either by a neti pot or Dr. Neilmed squeeze bottle or something sim... Read More »

My head hurts behind my eyes.. what kind of headache is that?

Probably from sinus inflammation or eyestrain. Tap on these areas: forehead, above each eyebrow, above the bridge of the nose between the eyes, and on each cheek under the eye at the sides of you... Read More »

What kind of headache and sickness am I having after quitting ADHD medication?

NEVER stop medications cold turkey without getting approval from your doctor. Especially ADHD medication. Some can literally kill you if you stop right away.Start taking them right away again, no... Read More »

I have been having headaches for months know,I'm 14 and the headaches wont stop,what kind of headache is it?

You definantly should try taking Iron suppliments> Theyre safe, cheap, and you can get them at the grocery store. If they dont help within a few weeks dont bother but Iron carried oxygen to the b... Read More »