What kind of hard drive is in an iPod?

Answer Some iPod models, such as the iPod Classic, have a standard computer hard drive, while newer and smaller iPod models, such as the Touch and Nano, use solid state flash drives. Apple gets these hard... Read More »

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What kind of hard drive is in an NEC Versa VXi?

The Versa VXi desktop computer, released by NEC in 2001, contained internal IDE hard drives, generally with rotational speeds of 4200 rpm, and with standard storage capacities ranging from six to 2... Read More »

What kind of hard drive do you need for your laptop?

Replacing a laptop hard drive does not constitute a difficult process, but compatibility is key. Your laptop will not only lack the ability to recognize an incompatible hard drive---the drive will ... Read More »

What kind of hard drive is in the Maxtor One Touch 4?

The Maxtor One Touch 4 Series of external hard drives comes in several capacities including 320 GB, 500 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB. The hard drive connects through a USB 2.0 with a data transfer rate of ... Read More »

I'm looking to buy a camcorder but I don't know what kind I should get: MiniDV, DVD, or Hard Drive?

If you're planning on doing a lot of editing then your only real option is miniDV. The others are already highly compressed, so you'll lose a lot of quality. Not only that, but your pc would have ... Read More »