What kind of hard drive do you need for your laptop?

Answer Replacing a laptop hard drive does not constitute a difficult process, but compatibility is key. Your laptop will not only lack the ability to recognize an incompatible hard drive---the drive will ... Read More »

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What kind of hard drive is in a Dell Latitude laptop?

Dell Latitude laptops come with a few hard drive options. As of July 2010, there were 20 different configurations of this brand, which uses Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) interfaces t... Read More »

What Tools Do I Need to Change the Hard Drive on a Laptop?

If your laptop is running low on hard drive space, you might consider purchasing an external hard drive. However, to maintain the convenience of maximum portability, your best bet is to replace the... Read More »

I am getting a laptop how much hard drive do I need?

If all you will do on it is homework and play Sims 3 on it 250GB is enough, though I would really recommend getting at least 500GB, preferably 750GB. You can get 1TB if you want to, but it will res... Read More »

I have a broken laptop screen and need the pics off the hard drive?

You could take the hard drive out, connect it to a 2.5" USB external enclosure and connect it to your desktops USB port. To find how to take out the drive check your manual or the web for your part... Read More »