What kind of hard drive connector does a pavilion xt345 have?

Answer The HP Pavilion xt345 Notebook PC comes with an ATA/IDE type hard drive. The type of connector used to connect the hard drive to the motherboard is a 44-pin IDE connector. This connection allows th... Read More »

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Hard drive sata power connector?

Power connectors of SATA hard disks are interchangeable and hence you can easily use the power connector of other drive. Just make sure that the connections are tight to prevent any incidence.

Do all PS2 network adapters have a hard drive IDE connector?

All PlayStation 2 Network Adapters come with a hard drive IDE connector. However, not all IDE hard drives are compatible with the PlayStation's network adapter, and not all hard drives will fit in... Read More »

What sort of power connector does a hard drive typically use?

Desktop hard drives use two types of power connectors. All IDE (PATA) hard drives and many SATA drives use the 4-pin molex power connector. Some SATA drives, however, use a special SATA power conne... Read More »

What is the removable connector on a laptop hard drive called?

The hard drive connector used in a laptop is different from what is found in a desktop PC unit. In general, a laptop hard drive uses the standard 2.5 inch IDE connector, while a desktop PC uses eit... Read More »