Different Guns Used to Hunt Deer?

Answer Deer have been hunted for sport and for survival for thousands of years. The gamy meat, soft hides and shiny antlers are cherished spoils of the hunt and the skill required to bag a buck isn't some... Read More »

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How to Go Deer Hunting?

Hunting deer can be a unique experience. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. There are a lot of factors you have to consider before you journey into the woods. Most important are your state ... Read More »

About Nebraska Deer Hunting?

Deer hunting in Nebraska has expanded dramatically in recent years, as the deer population in the state has grown. According to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, there were only about 50 deer... Read More »

Wisconsin DNR Deer Hunting?

Deer thrive in Wisconsin, which makes hunting deer a popular outdoor activity in the state. Deer hunting also is a key component of the state's efforts to control the deer population. Deer hunters ... Read More »

Virginia Deer Hunting Rut?

Virginia deer hunters recognize that the rut, when bucks are looking to mate with does, is the time to hunt for a trophy. Early rut in Virginia is in October, and many hunters find the deer are ext... Read More »