Different Guns Used to Hunt Deer?

Answer Deer have been hunted for sport and for survival for thousands of years. The gamy meat, soft hides and shiny antlers are cherished spoils of the hunt and the skill required to bag a buck isn't some... Read More »

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How are talcum&cornstarch used for wind direction when deer hunting?

The smell of a human will cause a deer to flee, so hunter's must place themselves downwind of the deer to avoid detection. Unscented powders like talc and cornstarch can be used to determine wind d... Read More »

What is the best time to go deer hunting?

On One Hand: Best Time of YearThe best time of year to hunt deer is in the fall, before harsh winter weather sets in. When it gets too cold, deer will move away from their home range to look for mo... Read More »

What is the minimum pistol caliber for hunting deer in Florida?

A .40 caliber is the minimum for hunting deer in Florida, if using a muzzleloading single-shot pistol. As of 2010, no other non-muzzleloading minimum pistol caliber requirements exist in Florida's ... Read More »

What is opening weekend of deer hunting season in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin's deer hunting opening weekend signals the first days of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources deer hunting season each year. The opening weekend is different for bow hunting and ... Read More »