What kind of guitar did Jimmy Page play?

Answer Jimmy Page, like many guitarists, played several different guitars. With Led Zeppelin, he is most often associated with the Gibson Les Paul.Not One, But TwoAs a member of Zeppelin, Page had two Les... Read More »

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What kind of guitar did Jim Croce play?

Jim Croce played a variety of acoustic guitars throughout his career, including the six-string and 12-string. He frequently played and recorded with Martin guitars, which is why the Martin Guitar C... Read More »

What kind of guitar did Eddie Van Halen play?

Eddie Van Halen used a number of different guitars, and invented several as well. All of them were electric guitars, and Fender was the brand he used the most. Fender reworked his Frankenstrat cr... Read More »

What kind of guitar did Elvis Presley play?

Elvis Presley's career spanned over many years and he played many different guitars; however, the guitar that he used often in live shows and recordings was the Martin D-28 acoustic guitar made by ... Read More »

What kind of guitar does B.B. King play?

The legendary blues guitarist B.B. King has played Gibson guitars for decades. He affectionately refers to his guitars as "Lucille." In 1980, Gibson produced a custom-built Gibson ES-355 for King. ... Read More »