What kind of gravy does carls jr use?

Answer If Carls Jr and Norms are restaurants, I would suggest you post re-post your question to the "Dining-Out" Category under your "Country" and "State" and/or closest "listed City". You could also ju... Read More »

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Rice and gravy or mashed potatoes and gravy?

What does riding the gravy train mean?

The expression "riding the gravy train" means living a life of luxury, or having a source of easy and plentiful income. The origin of the phrase is from the American slang definition of gravy, whi... Read More »

What kinds of food does gravy taste so much better on besides potatoes?

biscuits'breaded pork chopschicken fried steak or chicken fried chickenchicken strips for dipping in gravybreaded steak strips for dipping in gravycube pork steak with gravy

What is shay carls kids real names?

PrincessTard-Avia Butler BabyTard-Emmie Butler RockTard-Brock Butler SonTard-Gavin Butler