What kind of gravel should be used for a driveway?

Answer Building a gravel driveway is a common alternative to having one professionally paved for you. Gravel is readily available at home and garden shops, and constructing a driveway out of gravel is les... Read More »

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How deep should the gravel be for a driveway?

On One Hand: Make it Deep EnoughMake the gravel driveway deep enough so that the weed mat separating the bottom layer from the top gravel doesn't show. A depth of 2 inches is recommended, and 3 inc... Read More »

How deep should the base be to build a gravel driveway?

A gravel driveway consists of varying sized gravel layered from largest to smallest size. Driveways with a thick base of 10 to 12 inches in depth will last for years to come.References:Ask The Buil... Read More »

How thick should the gravel base be under an asphalt driveway?

You will need a solid layer of gravel as a foundation beneath an asphalt driveway. Apply 8 to 10 inches of crushed and compacted gravel on top of the soil before paving with asphalt.References:Ask ... Read More »

How do I add gravel to a driveway?

Filling in HolesLocate all ruts and potholes in the driveway. Add large-size pieces of gravel into the hole or rut until it is halfway filled. Pour smaller-size pieces of gravel, half the size of t... Read More »