What kind of graphics does my computer have?

Answer Click Start, search for dxdiag and when it comes up double click on dxdiag.exeLook under the display tab.Dell sells 4 different versions of the Inspiron 17" with 3 different graphics adapters.You c... Read More »

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What kind of graphics card does an HP computer have?

The type of graphics card installed depends upon the specific make and model of the HP computer. Hewlett-Packard has used many third-party graphics card vendors over the years, including nVidia an... Read More »

What kind of computer specs are needed for animation graphics?

According to Animation Mentor, you need to be running Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Your PC's processor should be 2 GHz or above or a G5/Intel if you're using Apple. You also need a minimum... Read More »

What kind of computer does Nathan Kress have?

They weren't allowed to use Apple computers, (for franchising reasons) so they used a 'Pear' computer. (Eg: Pear logo instead of an apple)

What does a computer graphics card do?

A computer's graphics card is a piece of hardware installed on the motherboard. The graphics card is responsible for rendering the images on the computer's screen. Most computers come with a standa... Read More »