What kind of graphics card does an HP computer have?

Answer The type of graphics card installed depends upon the specific make and model of the HP computer. Hewlett-Packard has used many third-party graphics card vendors over the years, including nVidia an... Read More »

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Is a computer that uses on-board graphics compatible with a graphics card?

Not sure what you mean by compatible. The on-board graphics in many cases does not work well in cross-firing even when it is designed to do so, and adds very little to performance and instead adds ... Read More »

For a graphics card, what type of 9600 card is best for my computer and gaming?

i will endeavor to assist you in selecting graphics card, if you IM me, i just have questions~~Edit~~Why the hell did you guys give my answer a bad rating, i told her to IM me because i have questi... Read More »

What kind of applications are affected by a graphics card?

A computer graphics card is used to interpret drawing instructions sent to it by the computer processor. It is used for computer games, graphics software, 3D modeling and any other application that... Read More »

What kind of graphics card do I need for Pixel Shader v.1.1?

To use Pixel Shader V1.1, you need a graphics card capable of running DirectX 8.0 or later, such as the GeForce 8800 GT from NVIDIA or the ATI Mobility Radeon 9000: DX8 for Notebooks.References:Tom... Read More »