What kind of government does Myanmar have?

Answer Myanmar is governed by a military junta, a group of military officers who seized power in 1988. They are known as the State Law and Order Council or State Peace and Development Council, abbreviate... Read More »

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What kind of government does great britain have?

The British system of government combines the longtime traditions of the monarchy with features of modern constitutional democracy. The monarch symbolizes national unity, but holds few official pow... Read More »

What kind of government did ancient Egypt have?

Ancient Egyptian government was a theocracy lead by the pharaoh, who was considered to be a living god. His highest adviser was the vizier, and next in line were nobles and members of the court. Al... Read More »

What kind of financial support does the government offer to a couple who are both under 16 and the female is pregnant?

Answer I'm not an expert, but there are government supported programs for just about every aspect of this situation ie. Medical, Welfare, foodstamps, etc... There are also program that focus on lo... Read More »

What economic system does Japan have?

Japan has an open and capitalist free-market economy. It is listed as one of the most economically free countries in the world by the Heritage Foundation in 2010. This economy is the second largest... Read More »