What kind of golf balls fly the furthest?

Answer There are at least four brands of golf balls claiming to fly the furthest, according to Golf Link. Bridgestone manufactures the "e5" and "e6," known for their ability to fly far and straight. Maxfl... Read More »

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What Kind of Golf Balls Fly the Farthest?

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Do golf balls bounce higher than ping-pong balls?

The result of dropping a golf ball and a ping-pong ball of the same temperature, from the same height and on the same surface reveals that the golf ball would bounce higher than the ping-pong ball.... Read More »

Do range balls go just as far as regular golf balls?

Range balls generally have lower compression ratings and different dimple configurations to cause them to travel shorter distances. Companies do make range balls that travel and fly like regular go... Read More »

Where can I sell used golf balls?

Selling the sporting equipment you're no longer using is a great way to free your life of clutter and make a little money in the process. Golf balls are no exception to this, and there are a variet... Read More »