What kind of glue is used in automobile reupholstery?

Answer A spray adhesive is used to seal, fix and repair automobile upholstery. Brands such as Fast Stick, 3M, Misty, DAP, and V&S make automobile upholstery spray adhesives. Using a spray over a paste adh... Read More »

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What kind of glue is used to glue ABS plastic?

The most widely used glue used for an adhesive in ABS plastics incorporates a fast-drying and highly flammable chemical called methyl ethyl ketone. This chemical usually comes in aluminum cans to p... Read More »

What kind of USB is used for a Garmin automobile GPS?

The type of USB connection you use depends on the Garmin GPS model you purchase. Some Garmin automobile GPS offer the standard USB port while others offer a mini-USB port. For all USB connections, ... Read More »

What kind of glue can be used on acrylic?

Several glues are specifically made for use with acrylics. For tight joints, use a thin glue like WeldOn 3. A thicker glue like WeldOn 16 and Acryfix 192 are better if the joint has some gaps in it... Read More »

What Kind of Glue Can Be Used on Styrofoam?

Styrofoam can be adhered together using a low-heat glue gun, white craft glue or glue designed for Styrofoam. Standard hot glue guns are not recommended as they may melt Styrofoam. Although white c... Read More »