What kind of glasses do spies use?

Answer Rawhide was the 'not so secret' code name for Ronald Ragan.Here is a list; including the current presidents code name, which you might find useful: Renegade: Barack Obama, President-elect Renaissan... Read More »

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Why do glasses give me a headache Any kind of glasses/shades?

Sorry I don't know this but the best way to get an answer for that would be going to an opticians and asking them as they are professionals

Do CIA spies get to tell their family that they are spies?

no they dont because even though they are family they might reveal that you work for the CIA

What kind of salt is used for margarita glasses?

Coarse salt, sometimes called coarsely ground or coarse grain salt, is used to salt the rim of a margarita glass. Bartenders will sometimes mix sugar in with the coarse salt to give margarita cockt... Read More »

What kind of centerpieces can be done with margarita glasses?

On One Hand: One large margarita glass makes a statement.Whether it's a wedding or a 21st birthday, any event or gathering will be livened by a large margarita glass in the middle of the table. Fil... Read More »