What kind of glass are refrigerator shelves made of?

Answer Toughened Glass, so the shelves can support several kilos of food.

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How to Arrange Refrigerator Shelves?

An empty fridge is easily wiped cleanOrganization may seem impossible. Refrigerators are often messy and confusing, and it seems like an impossible task to try and sort it all out. With this guide,... Read More »

How to Organize Refrigerator Shelves?

You will be able to find what food you have on hand much easier if your refrigerator shelves are organized. You will save money by having less food go to waste because you know where it is.

How to Clean Kenmore Refrigerator Shelves?

Kenmore refrigerator shelves are often made of glass or metal. Through regular use, the shelves will become soiled with food and beverage residue, leaving them unsightly and sticky. Periodically, y... Read More »

How to Repair the Shelves on an Amana Refrigerator?

If you have an Amana refrigerator and one or more of the shelves have become cracked, you can repair them rather than hunting down replacement shelves. Though Amana manufacturers and sells many dif... Read More »