Kevin Jonas JONAS FANS!!?

Answer Well a lot of the fans are new. For instance a year ago they starred in Hannah Montana and right after they toured with her. Most of the Hannah/Miley fans are young. I'm not saying all but most. So... Read More »

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Any Kevin Jonas Fans?

How can anyone call that sweet, sweet man anything other than sexy??? Seriously!!!There would be no Jonas Brothers without Kevin.... sure, Nick can play the guitar, too, but he also sings and plays... Read More »

Who is hotter Nick, Joe, or Kevin jonas?

Joe all the way!!! Omj he is so fine...and I wish he was mine :'(Who knows maybe one day, gotta keep the faith!

So now that clay aiken has admitted he's gay when will kevin jonas?

Soon...Very, Very soon...They could be dating...Wouldn't that be hilarious? Kevin Jonas dating Clay Aiken...I'd find it hilarious.

RUDE and MEAN DJ interviews Kevin Jonas!! (All JB Fans MUST read!) YouTube vid!?

YES OMJJJ!!! I was soooooo MAD when I heard that interview just about a month ago (I know its old but I dont care). The DJ was being such an asshole !!! Whats his problem? I swear you can tell poor... Read More »