What kind of gear do firefighters wear?

Answer Firefighting, or turnout gear, provides the protection a firefighter needs on the job. These clothes and gear are heat resistant, waterproof and sturdy. They are also designed to be easily donned w... Read More »

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What kind of equipment do firefighters use?

Firefighters use a variety of everyday and specialty equipment to fight fires. This includes tools for detecting fires, gear and clothing to protect themselves from injury, communication devices an... Read More »

Can firefighters wear contact lenses?

On One Hand: Contacts are ConvenientContact lenses make life much more convenient for those who feel comfortable wearing them. Firefighters need as much mobility as possible to fight fires and resc... Read More »

What kind of gear oil does the bcs 710 use?

The BCS 710 tiller oil should be checked by removing the plug on the top of the gear housing attachment. If the oil level is low, use SAE 80/90 or SAE 90 EP (extreme pressure) to fill.Source:BCS Ti... Read More »

What kind of gear do you need for rugby?

Rugby is one of the most intense, and potentially dangerous, competitive sports. A variety of protective gear that covers most of the body is required to safely participate in a rugby match.Mouth G... Read More »