What kind of gas goes in a volvo s40?

Answer Unleaded gas with a minimum anti-knock index (AKI) of 91 or above is recommended for use in the Volvo S40. AKI is also called the octane rating. In areas where premium gas in unavailable or expens... Read More »

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What kind of Wireless headphones for a Volvo xc90?

The original wireless headphones for a 2004 Volvo xc90 is Thomson WHP-550u

Do 2007 Volvo v50 wheels fit a 1997 Volvo 850r?

According to Tire Rack, both the 2007 Volvo V50 T5 all-wheel-drive and 1997 Volvo 850 R sedan have a bolt pattern of 5-108 and offset of 40 millimeters. These specifications make it possible to int... Read More »

What kind of spark plug for John Deere XL279 lawn tractor i prefer NGK kind . what number Thanks?

Flip, let me help you out by taking us to google.comhere we will type in this.."What kind of spark plug for John Deere XL279 lawn tractor"look at this linkâ€... Read More »

Volvo 940 Troubleshooting?

Released by Volvo in 1991, the 940 remained in production until 1998, and the rear-wheel drive vehicle came in a four-door "Saloon" version and a five-door "Estate" version that is most commonly kn... Read More »