What kind of games are on the iphone 4?

Answer YES?!

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How much space do iphone games take up Are there any individual games that are over 1 GB?

yes some games will take up over 1GB most wont however from my experience 8GB was not enough for not only apps and games but ll kind of media, which is why i bought a 16GB nexus 7 when i upgraded f... Read More »

Can old iPhone 3gs games be played on the iPhone 4?

Yes, they should be able to. The iPhone is backward compatible. Yes, they can. I used to have an iPhone 3GS and all the games work on my iPhone 4.

What kind of games can this Laptop play?

NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M…Although may get some CPU bottlenech, all games look playable on at least low settings.

What kind of games can a Intel i3 processor handle?

It depends upon which specific Core i3 model.The original first-generation Core i3's are pretty good, able to handle most games up to Call of Duty:Black Ops, Rift etc. Easy games like Counter Stri... Read More »