What kind of fruit is an apple?

Answer An apple is an "accessory fruit," formed from a flower's ripened ovary plus other flower parts. (A true fruit forms from the ovary alone.) In an apple, the ovary wall can be seen as the boundary of... Read More »

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If you graft a orange branch into a apple tree what kind of fruit do you get?

Will a crab apple pollinate a fruit apple tree?

Most apple trees are not self-pollinating. In order to be pollinated, they must be planted near other apple trees with the same bloom time. Crab apple trees are an excellent pollinator for apple tr... Read More »

What is the color of an apple (fruit)?

Apples are found in all shades of reds, greens, and yellows. The "Honeycrisp" apple, for example, is a red apple known for its crispness and juiciness. A "Blushing Golden" apple is a yellow apple ... Read More »

What Fruit Is a Love Apple?

A "love apple" is a tomato. The term "love apple" is most likely derived from the French term "pomme d'amour," which means "apple of love." At various times throughout history the tomato has been c... Read More »