What kind of fruit is a clementine?

Answer A clementine is a kind of tangerine. The clementine tangerine is the result of crossing a mandarin with an orange. This type of tangerine originated in Algeria and was introduced into the United St... Read More »

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What kind of fruit should I eat?

What kind of fruit is this?

They are called BER in hindi. Why dont you google translate from hindi to english.brown ones are best to have.and here is a solution to your question sorry found the link later. Read More »

If your were a fruit, what kind would you be?

Kiwi... may not be pretty on the outside, but if you take the time to find out what is on the inside you will be more than be pleasantly suprised!

What Kind of Fruit Is an Orange?

Oranges are a juicy orange-yellow colored fruit that grow naturally in warm climates like the southern United States. There are many varieties of oranges. The common types found in the United State... Read More »