What kind of format is the digital copy that comes with some blu-ray discs?

Answer Usually one of the following: MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and VC-1More information may be found here:…

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How do I copy cassette music to a digital format?

Gather the Needed EquipmentPurchase any of the following if you don't yet have them: a CD recorder, audio cassette deck, blank CD-r disk, audio receiver and three sets of RCA audio cords.Connect Yo... Read More »

How to Format DVD+RW Discs?

A DVD+RW is a rewritable DVD that has more disc storage capacity compared to the DVD-RW. Data can be deleted and written over several times without damaging the disc. Although the DVD-RW is also re... Read More »

How to Format DVD RAM Discs?

One of the advantages that DVD-RAM has over other types of discs is that it can be implemented as drive storage as it sits in your DVD drive. This can add 4GBs of capacity to your system if you hav... Read More »

How to Copy DVD Discs onto a PC and Burn a New DVD?

There are a lot of programs where you can convert DVD to AVI, but if you want to keep the DVD format and copy it to another DVD you just have to follow a few simple steps.