What kind of foods should you avoid if you have a shellfish allergy?

Answer Shellfish and fish allergy: dishes to look out for Dishes to look out for include paella, bouillabaisse, gumbo (a Tex Mex dish), frito misto (a mixed fried fish dish from the Mediterranean coast), ... Read More »

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How to Live With an Allergy to Shellfish?

Most people who have to live with an allergy to shellfish are in their adult or late childhood years. However, shellfish allergy symptoms can appear at any age due to dietary reasons. Most people w... Read More »

What kind of foods/drinks should you avoid while on adderall?

Since a lot of people lose their appetite on speed, filling up on whatever pleases you is probably a good idea.

What kind of foods should i avoid if i have high cholesterol?

It's no secret that high cholesterol causes health risks such as heart disease. If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, major lifestyle changes are necessary in order to reduce your leve... Read More »

How to Find Foods You Like When You Have an Allergy to Certain Foods?

Do you have an allergy to a certain food? If so, your not alone. If you are lactose intolerant a.k.a. allergic to any dairy, it totally stinks! But here are some steps to help you eat what you want... Read More »