What kind of foods are gluten found in?

Answer According to, gluten is a protein made up of two protein groups known as gliadins and glutenins. It's found in a number of grains, as well as in products made from those grains.Naturall... Read More »

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Are soy foods gluten-free?

Soybeans are naturally gluten-free. Because of this, most soy-based foods also are gluten-free. Foods with soy in their name to avoid include soy sauce and soy protein meat substitutes, because the... Read More »

What are some gluten free foods and drinks?

Basically, most whole foods that are not wheat are gluten free: Meats, fruits, veggies, and other non-processed foods. Many processed foods add gluten, so a large number of these foods are not sa... Read More »

Does whole foods have gluten free cheese tortellini?

There is no Whole Foods brand of gluten free cheese tortellini. However, there IS a gluten free cheese tortellini that exists. Some Whole Foods carry it, some do not. It depends on your particular ... Read More »

Need help finding a food store that sells gluten-FREE foods ?

It would be helpful if you had put what country or state you live in so that people would know what to recommend. In NC, Whole Foods and Earth Fare have good gluten free products. Kroger's also h... Read More »