What kind of foods are gluten found in?

Answer According to, gluten is a protein made up of two protein groups known as gliadins and glutenins. It's found in a number of grains, as well as in products made from those grains.Naturall... Read More »

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What are some gluten free foods and drinks?

Basically, most whole foods that are not wheat are gluten free: Meats, fruits, veggies, and other non-processed foods. Many processed foods add gluten, so a large number of these foods are not sa... Read More »

Are soy foods gluten-free?

Soybeans are naturally gluten-free. Because of this, most soy-based foods also are gluten-free. Foods with soy in their name to avoid include soy sauce and soy protein meat substitutes, because the... Read More »

Does whole foods have gluten free cheese tortellini?

There is no Whole Foods brand of gluten free cheese tortellini. However, there IS a gluten free cheese tortellini that exists. Some Whole Foods carry it, some do not. It depends on your particular ... Read More »

What foods are only found in Northern States and NOT in the south?

Apparently they don't have muffin breakfast sandwiches (usually muffin, sausage/bacon, egg, cheese). Instead, they only make breakfast sandwiches with biscuits.