What kind of foods...?

Answer foods with the following:- empty calories- sugar- simple carbs- high in sodiumramen noodles are bad if your drink all the soup because it's loaded with sodium. there's really no nutritional value i... Read More »

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What kind of foods to eat when gyming?

before you work out you should probably eat something high in protein like some sort of pasta or bread but be sure to eat this well before you work out so you don't cramp up. after you work out you... Read More »

What kind of foods are gluten found in?

According to, gluten is a protein made up of two protein groups known as gliadins and glutenins. It's found in a number of grains, as well as in products made from those grains.Naturall... Read More »

What kind of foods are high in estrogen?

Foods Containing Natural Estrogens Alfalfa Animal flesh Anise seed Apples Baker's yeast Barley Beets Carrots Cherries Chickpeas (garbanzo beans)Clover Cowpeas (black- eyed peas) Cucumbers Dairy Foo... Read More »

What kind of foods can i eat for better eye site?

Carrots are good because of the beta carotine. They also now have over the counter vitamin supplements you can take that are supposed to help you maintain healthy eyes. One brand I know of is cal... Read More »