What kind of food is best for the mother of newborn puppies?

Answer On One Hand: Calorie NeedsA mother of newborn puppies needs many calories to nurse. According to the National Academy of Sciences, anywhere from 1,645 to 5,437 daily calories are needed for lactati... Read More »

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What Kind of Cat Food Do Newborn Kittens Eat?

Of all the components in an audio system, speakers can make or break music quality as well as musical performances and how realistic they sound. While speakers from across the pricing spectrum shar... Read More »

At what age do newborn puppies walk?

Newborn puppies, depending on health, might begin trying to walk or stand at about two weeks of age. It can take two to three more weeks before the puppies become stable enough to venture outside ... Read More »

What Shots Do Newborn Puppies Need?

Immediately after birth, puppies have no natural immunity to disease. They will carry some antibodies that they received while in the womb, from their mothers' blood. Following birth, a puppy will ... Read More »

Diarrhea in Newborn Puppies?

When newborn puppies have diarrhea it can be frightening for pet owners. You automatically assume that there must be something wrong with the puppies and you'd be right to assume so. There are a fe... Read More »