What kind of food does a guinea pig eat?

Answer Guinea pigs (also known as Cavies) don't produce vitamin C on their own so it's important that they get a balanced diet to prevent scurvy. In addition to pellet food found at feed stores, guinea pi... Read More »

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What kind of toys do guinea pigs like?

When choosing toys for your guinea pig, select ones that will both keep him entertained and prevent him from being destructive. This means working with your pet's natural instincts. Human interacti... Read More »

How to Make Guinea Pig Food?

How to make food for a guinea pig instead of buying it. This way, you can decide for yourself what your pet will get in which quantities.

Can you feed chinchillas guinea pig food?

Because of their sensitive digestion systems, chinchillas should be fed only pelleted feed products made specifically for them. The Cheeky Chinchilla website states that along with pelleted chinchi... Read More »

How to Make a Guinea Pig Circle for Its Food?

Want to teach your guinea pig a cute trick? Make your guinea pig circle for its food! Here's how.