What kind of food do toy poodles eat?

Answer Toy poodles can eat regular dog food, but most breeders suggest feeding your toy poodle food that is nutritional and balanced. Look for brands of food that list any type of meat as the first two in... Read More »

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How to Dye Standard Poodles?

With so many different ways to groom and shape a poodle's coat, these dog's owner's have a plethora of choices. One great way to add an extra bit of flavor to your pet's grooming routine is to dye ... Read More »

How to Feed Toy Poodles?

The toy poodle is lively, intelligent and quite popular as a show dog. The smallest of the poodle breed of dogs, the toy poodle measures a maximum of 10 inches in height. Grooming, exercise and die... Read More »

Dog Tricks for Poodles?

Intelligent and active, poodles abhor boredom. Easy to train, they delight in entertaining their masters and respond enthusiastically to applause and laughter. Poodles rose to popularity during the... Read More »

About Mini Poodles?

Miniature poodles are typically 11 to 15 inches high and weigh approximately 15 to 17 lbs. Any poodle that measures less than 10 inches or more than 15 inches at the highest point of its shoulders ... Read More »