What kind of food do they give in ihop?

Answer Mostly breakfast: pancakes, waffles, crepes, omlettes, fruit, etcThey do serve lunch like sandwiches, soup, salad and some dinner like meatloaf, chicken, french dip sandwiches, etcIt's pretty yummy... Read More »

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What Kind of food do I give to an infant pine tree?

Pfft B&Q what's the matter with Dobbies ?? Anyhow, 3 years ago me and mum planted 2 pine trees out side my front door (one on each side) but we planted them during summer so the temperature for the... Read More »

What kind of food do they have in France?

One of the most important aspects of French culture is food. Eating is not a rushed experience. The French love to take the time to enjoy cooking and eating. There is standard French food such as b... Read More »

What kind of food do they have in Fuerteventura?

Whatever you want. In the touristy places it's normally chips with everything, like most holiday places in Spain.

Felony cruelty to children What kind of sentencing do they give This is in the state og ga.?

Not sure where you are, but in Missouri I was told the legal age is 12years old BUT they cannot be responsible for any other children.