What kind of food do russians eat?

Answer On One Hand: Traditional DishesRussia is not exactly known for its cuisine, but nevertheless, Russians have a wide variety of traditional dishes to choose from. Soups are a staple of Russian food. ... Read More »

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What kind of sports do Russians play?

Russians play such sports as ice hockey, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, golf and tennis. Well-known Russian athletes include Alexander Popov in swimming, Anna Kournikova in tennis, Evgen... Read More »

In what kind of housing do average Russians live in dacha?

Dachas are housing structures, not a geographic location. They are usually two-story buildings with sizable garden areas called "ogorod" and nearby saunas, or "banya," as seen on Lyubimaya Dacha. T... Read More »

Wat kind of food?

Italian... OH and Chinese.... OOOOOH AND MEXICAN.... no wait.... I think i like German food allot too... I cant decide.... ummm.... Ramen

· What kind of food do you like the most?

Mrs Crimbles Ginger Cake. Mmmm.Yorkshire fish and chipsI used to like a good curry, but its difficult to find good fresh chillis these days and I can no longer grow my own