What kind of food do pet mice eat?

Answer Pet mice are natural omnivores and eat a variety of foods. Healthy foods for a pet mouse include a pelleted rodent chow---sometimes called "lab chow" or "lab blocks"---seeds, whole grain breads, an... Read More »

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What's a easy way to get rid of winter mice,or any kind of a mouse?

hmm well i know my mom puts real hair in her garden to keep away the rabbits so maybe stick hair in a mouse drap see it works.

Dog food in stored clothes! Do I have mice?

Are you going to come out of that closet or do I need to turn my light on for you?

How to Raise Rats & Mice for Food?

Breeding and keeping mice for food for a reptile takes time and work and may not be for everyone. Breeding mice can easily get out of hand if not carefully controlled, since they breed quickly. Ove... Read More »

How to can i get ridd of a mice in my food pantry?

If the traps aren't working, it's because the mice think the food in your pantry is more tasty than the bait in the mousetraps. Try setting multiple traps with a different bait in each one. Peanu... Read More »