What kind of food do modern american eat?

Answer It depends on your perception of "modern", To me, it's a single mom type of "modern family unit", so we may eat out more so than the typical 1950's family of my moms' era where there was income fro... Read More »

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How to Appreciate Modern American Architecture?

Modern American Architecture is the result of a three century process in which architecture took a swing from houses made out of tree trunk bases, to buildings of metal foundations, sheetrock walls... Read More »

What's the modern kind of freight car brake?

For freight cars, looks to me like you guys got 'em all, except the ABEL and ABDWEL. The 'EL' stands for 'E'mpty or 'L'oaded, As its name suggests, compensation in operation occurs automatically ... Read More »

American Modern Country Furniture Styles?

Country decorating has been popular in the United States for decades, beginning with houses cluttered with folk art, country collections, colonial style furniture, quilts, and wallpaper featuring m... Read More »

What was the Modern American history from IBM and the Holocaust to CIA and Cointelpro about?

Answer I don't know what the CIA and Cointelpro is, but the only connection between IBM and the Holocaust is that the Nazi government conficated the company's assets in Germany and used some of th... Read More »