What kind of food do hamsters eat?

Answer Hamsters are omnivores and in nature eat bugs, seeds, grains and grasses. As pets, they do best on food that is specifically designed for hamsters. They can eat some human food, but avoid high-calo... Read More »

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What kind of eggs do teddy bear hamsters eat?

The best type of eggs for teddy bear, or long-haired Syrian, hamsters are boiled and cooled eggs. This should only be given as an occasional treat since it is high in calories. Any uneaten egg shou... Read More »

What kind of food do russians eat?

On One Hand: Traditional DishesRussia is not exactly known for its cuisine, but nevertheless, Russians have a wide variety of traditional dishes to choose from. Soups are a staple of Russian food. ... Read More »

What kind of food do toy poodles eat?

Toy poodles can eat regular dog food, but most breeders suggest feeding your toy poodle food that is nutritional and balanced. Look for brands of food that list any type of meat as the first two in... Read More »

What kind of food do donkeys eat?

Donkeys eat grasses and plants. They can forage for themselves in good pasture. Over the winter, you can feed a donkey meadow hay, a manufactured mix of different grasses. Donkeys can also eat stra... Read More »