What kind of food do deer eat?

Answer Deers actually have a picky palate. They will eat woody plants including trees, shrubs and vines. They will also feed on the leaves, twigs and buds. Deer also munch on wildflowers and nuts.Source:A... Read More »

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What kind of saw should I use to cut off antlers from a deer?

A power reciprocating saw quickly cuts through a deer's skull. A hacksaw with a fine-toothed blade also works but takes longer. Cut downward into the skull, just behind the antlers. Make a second c... Read More »

What is the best food for deer?

On One Hand: Deer Need Leafy Greens, Fruits and TwigsDeer are herbivores, according to National Geographic. Their main diets consist of leaves, fruits, nuts, corn, fungi and twigs. Deer also feed o... Read More »

Do deer eat people food?

Deer do like to eat people food. They are attracted to corn, bread and other table. Deer will also browse your garden for edible vegetables. Do not encourage deer to eat people food--it is bad for ... Read More »

What is a deer's favorite food?

Deer are common to every area of North America. The white-tailed, black-tailed and mule deer are all found throughout most of the U.S. and have similar eating habits, favoring leaves, fruits and wo... Read More »