What kind of food do I feed a wild baby bird?

Answer If you find a baby bird on the ground, look for a nearby nest, and put it in the nest if possible. Baby birds may be learning to fly or have a parent nearby, so ensure that the infant bird needs to... Read More »

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Homemade Wild Bird Feed?

Placing food in a bird feeder in your backyard will attract many varieties of colorful birds. This is a wonderful way to observe the habits of different types of birds and may instill in your child... Read More »

Can you feed a cockatiel wild bird seed?

You can feed your cockatiel wild bird seed, but only as a treat or reward during training sessions. Cockatiels fed a diet primarily of seed will eventually suffer health problems that may include m... Read More »

What Is Grit in Wild Bird Food?

Many people enjoy watching wild birds and their interactions at a backyard bird feeder. According to the Wild Bird Centers, more people engage in the hobby of backyard bird feeding than in any othe... Read More »

What do you feed an abandoned baby bird?

You come across an abandoned baby bird and need to know what to do to keep it alive. Feeding it properly is integral to helping the baby bird thrive so that it may be returned to the wild healthy a... Read More »