What kind of food can freshwater turtles eat?

Answer Ground beef, fish, worms, shrimp and eggs are good sources of protein for freshwater turtles. They also enjoy most vegetables, and a varied diet is important. Be sure to give your turtle all of the... Read More »

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What kind of food do land turtles eat?

A land turtle's diet consists of water, meat, vegetables, fruit and worms. According to Clarice Brough of Animal World, turtles can even eat bits of dog food. Feeding these foods to your land tur... Read More »

What kind of food can fresh water turtles eat?

Most fresh-water or aquatic turtles are carnivorous, in which case they consume fish, earthworms, other small animals and pellets formulated specifically for turtles. This part of the diet is suppl... Read More »

What do baby freshwater turtles eat?

Baby freshwater turtles eat most of the same food as their adult counterparts. Mixtures of vegetation and protein are consumed. For pets, feeding a diet of commercially available turtle food (such ... Read More »

What kind of adhesive can you use in a freshwater aquarium?

For building decorations and aquariums, I use pure clear silicone sealant which is also labeled "For Aquarium Use". Do not use silicone with any kind of algaecide in it (such as Silicone II at the ... Read More »