What kind of fonts are used on diplomas?

Answer Most diplomas use a Gothic or Calligraphy type font. Before electronic printing of diplomas, calligraphers usually filled in diploma information in these two classic styles. Since this was the norm... Read More »

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Does the military accept diplomas from private high schools... I got my diploma from American academy of Pinecrest ...and i was wondering if the military accepts these kind of diplomas?

Can online diplomas be used for the military?

On One Hand: Yes, If It Has AccreditationThe military recognizes degrees earned from online colleges so long as the school holds accreditation, according to Even some of the larger an... Read More »

What fonts are used for Hannah Montana?

Ten Fonts Used by All Computers?

A font is the overall aesthetic presentation of a typeface, unique in height, stroke, weight, angle and style. Fonts used in desktop publishing or web design can include those pre-installed on a co... Read More »