What kind of font is on a one-way traffic sign?

Answer The one-way traffic sign that is seen in the United States uses the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) Series C typeface. That series of typeface is commonly referred to as "Highway Gothic."Sour... Read More »

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What is the font for a one-way sign?

Two fonts are used on roadway directional signs, including one-way signs: Clearview and Highway Gothic. Clearview is slowly replacing Highway Gothic to make signs easier to read.Source:Federal High... Read More »

Do I have to sign a traffic citation?

While it is not mandatory that you sign a traffic citation, you may suffer consequences for not doing so. Refusing to sign the citation may result in your being taken into custody to be formally ch... Read More »

What does a reverse turn traffic sign mean?

Lets the traffic know that the road will turn towards the left followed by another turn towards the right.

Is a traffic ticket invalid if you don't sign in CO?

No. The signature on a traffic ticket is only an acknowledgment that you have received it from the arresting officer. In Colorado, the signature is merely a promise to take some action to resolve t... Read More »