What kind of foam is used in a road case?

Answer The type of foam used in an instrument road case depends on the instrument it protects. However, there are two main types: Ether-Like-Ester or E.L.E., foam, which is slightly softer, and ETHA foam,... Read More »

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What happened to the military guy that ran rush off the road on the show Cold Case?

He dies in an Episode called Built To Kill Part 2, season 7.

What Kind of Paint Can I Use on Foam?

Polystyrene foam is highly susceptible to solvent based petroleum products. When paints with oil in them come in contact with the surface, pitting and corrosion can occur. Water-based paints will n... Read More »

Hi I own an American Staffordshire Terrier but here's the question When applying for dog insurance.. the kind in case they bite someone.. what kind of question should I be asking?

The insurance company wants to find any possible risk factors that might lead a person to kill there pet to collect on the insurance policy.

What Kind of Sheets to Use on Memory Foam?

Memory foam mattresses do not require a specific type of sheet. The key to making the most of a memory foam mattress is to use an appropriate size of sheet for the fitted portion. If you are a slee... Read More »