What kind of floor can be used over concrete?

Answer On One Hand: Wood FlooringAccording to the Family Handyman, you can install a wood floor over concrete, with a few preparatory steps. Lay down a sheet of plastic first, to keep moisture that comes ... Read More »

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What is the best type of floor for insulation over concrete?

On One Hand: Polystyrene InsulationPolystyrene foam has been used effectively to insulate concrete floors. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that polystyrene has the added benefit of improving th... Read More »

Can you put marble over a concrete floor?

Marble can be installed over concrete as long as the concrete, or substrate, is flat and even. The concrete must also be able to handle the weight of marble tiles, which are heavier than other floo... Read More »

What kind of paint is used for concrete?

The porous surface of concrete takes well to a variety of paints. One- and two-part epoxy paints are durable, common and easier to apply to clean concrete the other paint types. Epoxy paints are re... Read More »

Can you install durarock over a concrete floor?

According to USG Corporation, the manufacturer of DUROCK brand underlayment, DUROCK is made to level and smooth most floors including concrete and wood. The underlayment is used in during the insta... Read More »