What kind of fish live in the Dead Sea?

Answer The Dead Sea forms a natural border between the Middle Eastern countries of Israel and Jordan. It is so named because its salty water cannot sustain any living thing. There are no fish, or any oth... Read More »

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Do fish and plants live in the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea has a very high salinity level (33 percent), making it impossible for most fish and plants to survive. Bacteria is also not commonly found in the Dead Sea. Instead of fish and plants, ... Read More »

Do fish& plants live in the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea has the highest salt content of any large body of water on Earth. As a result, any fish or aquatic plants that enter it through the Jordan River die on contact with the water. However,... Read More »

What kind of fish can live in a bowl?

Fish bowls are a smaller, less-expensive alternative to an aquarium, but they can be difficult to maintain. Only a few kinds of fish will thrive in a fish bowl environment.BettasAccording to bestfi... Read More »

What Kind of Fish Live in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean sea teems with a myriad of species of fish. An immense range of colors, shapes, sizes, and behaviors can be found there. Learning about the variety of these gilled creatures is a big ... Read More »