What kind of fish eat tadpoles?

Answer Tadpoles face the unlucky burden of being very near to the bottom of the food chain. They are consumed by everything from birds to insects to other frogs, and fish are no exception to the list of t... Read More »

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What kind of algae do tadpoles eat?

Tadpoles, or maturing frogs, eat most kinds of vegetation, including pond algae such as suspended algae, blue-green algae, surface algae (or floating algae) and hair algae. Another type of algae ta... Read More »

What kind of plants do tadpoles eat?

Tadpoles hatch with a yolk in their guts which sustains them for the first few days of life. After the yolk has been absorbed and their mouths have developed, they will feed on algae and other pond... Read More »

What kind of aquatic plants do leopard tadpoles eat?

Leopard tadpoles do not eat aquatic vegetation because they are too small. They actually eat minute, bottom-dwelling algae called periphyton. It is only when they have reached their adult form that... Read More »

What kind of filter do you use with small fish in a fish tank?

Using the right filter in your fish tank is important, especially when dealing with very small fish. The best filter to use for little fish is an under-gravel filter. It stays beneath the gravel an... Read More »