What kind of fines can a home owners association assess?

Answer Read your governing documents, including any board resolutions that impose fines. Your board or association management company can help you understand the limit of behaviours which are fine-able of... Read More »

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Can a MN nonprofit Home Owners Association assess fines for late payment of dues?

Yes is the short answer. Read your governing documents -- and in this case, perhaps a Resolution crafted to collect assessments -- to understand both your obligation to pay your assessments and the... Read More »

Are fines imposed upon home owners for rules violation legal and collectible in a home owners association?

If the violations and fines are set forth in the associations's covenants and bylaws, yes, they are.

What kind of lien can a home owners association file?

Of all the types of liens that can be filed on a real estate title, the association can file a 'specialty lien' specifically to collect unpaid assessments. With a lien against the title, you cannot... Read More »

What kind of notice must be given by a home owners' association before levying a fine?

Read your governing documents to most fully understand the owner's responsibility to abide by them, and the association's responsibility to enforce the covenants, restrictions, conditions and reser... Read More »