What kind of financial reports would a new company have?

Answer On One Hand: Prospective Financial Statements.A new company will have prospective financial statements developed as part of the financial plan included in the overall business plan. Those financial... Read More »

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What kind of phone do you have and what company is it from?

Iphone 3g. I don't see how a phone can get better then this.

What kind of solutions would heroes and heroines have that would solve the problems facing society especially racism child and spousal abuse and violence among young people?

I think that anyone could be a hero by not continuing the mistakes made by his or her own parents. Make a child's life better than you had it... be kinder and better. People who try to treat othe... Read More »

If you could have a car what kind would it be?

What Kind Of Party Would I Have?

i love parties!! as irpts your 21st why dont you have a themed party? pick something that interests you and go from there in terms of decor, fancy dress, the cake... etcsome suggestions might be: b... Read More »