What kind of farming methods do the farmers use?

Answer There are seemingly endless techniques to farming and many farmers use different techniques as many crops require different techniques. Even different breeds of cattle will require different techni... Read More »

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What Do Farmers Do Besides Farming?

Farming has traditionally been a full-time job, regardless of whether you grow crops, raise cattle or other livestock, or have a dairy farm. Farmers face many financial challenges, and many seek ot... Read More »

Chicken Farming Methods?

Chickens, once relegated to dirt-scratching on small family farms or leading miserable, short lives in commercial chicken factories, are the new trendy pet, backyard "green" accessory and darling o... Read More »

As we appear to be on the brink of a global food crisis, is it time to rethink farming methods How?

Farming methods have nothing to do with the level of hunger in the world. We already create more than enough food for every single person on this mudball to stuff themselves until they drop dead fr... Read More »

What kind of education do farmers need?

On One Hand: A Family BusinessMany traditional farmers are born and raised on farms. They learn through tradition to plant, harvest and manage the land from family and farm workers. Farm hands and ... Read More »