What kind of fabric repels dog hair the best?

Answer On One Hand: Static resistant fiberDog hair attracts to static. Fabric that resists static also repels dog hair. One example is Nanotex, which also repels lint and dust, but still allows the fabric... Read More »

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What kind of paint can be used on fabric?

A variety of paints, dyes and inks are used for painting images on textiles, or restoring the color in faded or stained fabrics. For best results, select paints specifically designed for the fabric... Read More »

What kind of fabric is used to sew handbags?

Two kinds of fabric typically make up handbags: a durable fabric for the outside and a thin, lightweight lining for the inside. Consider upholstery fabric, cotton canvas, denim or even outdoor text... Read More »

What kind of fabric is used to stitch a tapestry?

Technically a tapestry is woven rather than stitched. Some forms of embroidery have come to be called tapestry, especially those worked in tent or cross-stitch with yarn. The fabric used is called ... Read More »

What kind of fabric absorbs the most sound?

I don't know which fabric absorbs the *most* sound, but I know that many theaters use crushed velvet, although it is often padded for more absorption.