What kind of eyes do i have?

Answer They look somewhere between brown and amber, lighter than brown, but darker than amber.

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Does it matter what kind of eye drop I get for dry eyes?

Yes definitely. Get lubricant eye drops or gel which you must apply to your eye regularly to relieve the symptoms of dry eye. The ingredients in the drops produce a transparent, lubricating and moi... Read More »

What kind of make up can cover up my wrinkles under my eyes?

1st you need a good moisturizer for the eye area. dept stores have better quality than discount stores, but some are too pricey. estee' lauder, clinique and lancome are good lines, but pricey. ... Read More »

My head hurts behind my eyes.. what kind of headache is that?

Probably from sinus inflammation or eyestrain. Tap on these areas: forehead, above each eyebrow, above the bridge of the nose between the eyes, and on each cheek under the eye at the sides of you... Read More »