What Exercises Can I Do To Sprint Faster?

Answer Sprinters and other athletes like long-distance runners, tennis players, basketball players and rugby players often use a system of exercises known as plyometrics to "increase muscular power and ex... Read More »

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What kind of exercises should an underweight person do?

Try working your upper body. weight lifting pushups free weights, and take some protein. This worked for me.Former US Marine

What kind of exercises do you do in the national guard?

Depends on what's scheduled for the monthly Unit Training Assemblies and what type of unit you're in. You'll have some drill weekends focused on unit maintenance, some which are focuses on Common T... Read More »

What kind of exercises help you lose your bum and your thighs?

Riding a bike would help I think b/c you are working your legs and that includes your thighs. As for the bum, check out this link:…'Hope this helps!!

What fertilizer makes a plant that are the same kind grow faster?

Answer The H-E-B brand AnswerI am doing this for my science project and i think that fertilizers that have more acid will work better. Try using Miracle Grow Fertilezer, or Miracle Grow Plant foo... Read More »