What kind of exercises help you lose your bum and your thighs?

Answer Riding a bike would help I think b/c you are working your legs and that includes your thighs. As for the bum, check out this link:…'Hope this helps!!

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How to lose weight in your thighs ?

Girl zumba its fun and a workout ! And stretch your muscles if you have stairs put them to good use run up and down to tighten your muscles (:

What exercises help you lose belly fat the fastest?

Exercise will not reduce belly fat..===============================The truth on losing abdominal body fat - forget the diet hype, here's how it really worksby Mike AdamsLet's take a closer look at ... Read More »

What are some good exercises that help you lose pounds fast?

I don't know of any specific exercises but I recommend using Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. It has helped others and myself lose those extra pounds. Good luck ! :D

Does cleaning your toxins in your stomach or metabolism help you lose weight?

yes, detoxing helps your body run more efficiently.