What kind of exercises do you do in the national guard?

Answer Depends on what's scheduled for the monthly Unit Training Assemblies and what type of unit you're in. You'll have some drill weekends focused on unit maintenance, some which are focuses on Common T... Read More »

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What kind of exercises should an underweight person do?

Try working your upper body. weight lifting pushups free weights, and take some protein. This worked for me.Former US Marine

What kind of exercises help you lose your bum and your thighs?

Riding a bike would help I think b/c you are working your legs and that includes your thighs. As for the bum, check out this link:…'Hope this helps!!

Can i do isolation exercises as well as compound exercises in my workout?

There's no reason why you can't add isolation exercises to your program. The reason that your biceps are lagging is because you're not doing any exercises that specifically target them--you have se... Read More »

What kind of spark plug for John Deere XL279 lawn tractor i prefer NGK kind . what number Thanks?

Flip, let me help you out by taking us to google.comhere we will type in this.."What kind of spark plug for John Deere XL279 lawn tractor"look at this linkâ€... Read More »